Costa Rica

Organíca is a breathtaking spot located in the heart of Paquera rainforest, the province of Puntarenas. It is a real gift from Nature. It is one of the best preserved from tourism spot in Costa Rica. Organíca overhang the black sand beach Organos and face the Tortuga Island and the Curu National Park

Organíca and the blue zone

A “blue zone” is a region in the world where people live after 100 years old. The peninsula of Nicoya in Costa Rica has been classifies as one of the five blue zone in the world where people live longer than in the rest of the world. Organíca is located in the peninsula of Nicoya. The factors of a longer life are:

  • A moderated and regular physical activity
  • A stress reduction
  • A caloric restriction
  • An alimentation based on vegetal food
  • The quality of human relations

Usefull information

  • Flight time from France : about 11 hours
  • Time zone : UTC-6
  • Mandatory visa : no need (just a valid passport)
  • Currency : Costarican Colon (CRC) 1 € = 711,227 CRC
  • Language : Spanish
  • High season : December – April
  • Mid-season : May – August
  • Low season : September – November
  • The temperature is nice all year long on the Pacific Coast with dryer season and wet season. Costa Rica is considered as one of the richer countries with fauna and vegetation in the world.

How to reach Organíca?

  • Flight to the capital of Costa Rica : San José
  • Then, take a taxi or a shuttle or rent a car until the jetty of Puntarenas – direction Paquera
  • From Paquera, we will give you a lift to Organíca.
  • We can also organize the transfer for you
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